20 reasons to fall in love with Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

From the global market point of view, the Tacoma model is one of Toyota ‘s highest-selling models. This pickup has become one of the favorite pickups for consumers with its excellent comprehensive performance, perverted reliability and versatility. Being able to do all kinds of work is one of the biggest advantages of this pickup, and in terms of off-road performance, I don’t think there is any compact pickup that can be compared with the Tacoma TRD Pro.The 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro has been further enhanced in off-road, adding a creep control system, electronic rear differential lock, active traction control, five terrain mode selection systems, and a hill start assist system. I am surprised that the price of this car is still a surprise.Based on a two-seat version and a short-box version, the TRD Pro is powered by a 278-horsepower V6 engine with a torque output of 360 N·m, matched to a six-speed automatic transmission. The new Tacoma TRD Pro offers three painted colors, namely Barcelona Red, Cement Grey and Super White as shown. Manufacturers to provide a 3-year / 36,000 miles of vehicle warranty and 5-year / 60,000 miles powertrain warranty, manual model is priced at 40,760 Mei Yuan (about 276,000 yuan), automatic models priced at 42,760 US dollar (about 289,000 yuan). If you have always been ignorant of this car, today I will tell you 20 reasons why you should fall in love with this car. Buy toyota tacoma cover from www.carcover.com.

Not to mention the difference in appearance details, the three unique paint colors offered by the Tacoma TRD Pro models are very pleasing, and only these three colors are optional, which also makes consumers less entangled. These three painting colors are also eye-catching in the “Zhejiang Sea”, and consumers do not have to worry about the problem of “forced”.The suspension system of the TRD Pro version has been specially tuned and added to the Fox brand suspension, which has increased the stroke of the front and rear suspension by 1 inch. Although the data is not outstanding, at the critical moment, this 1-inch difference can make a big difference.The TRD Pro models are equipped with a special style of rims, and the 16×8 TRD wheels are paired with Goodyear’s 265/70R16 Wrangler All-Adventure rims. From the appearance point of view, the visual effect of this combination is very good, and the tread on the side of the tire can provide a good grip at low tire pressure, and it is not a problem to deal with complicated road conditions.The car’s fog lights have also been upgraded to use Rigid Industries’ LED products. This fog light has two functions, one of which is the traditional fog light function; the other is a larger lumen light, and the angle is more forward, which can illuminate the front 15×20 meters area, thus the driver Provide better lighting. Consumers don’t have to worry about regulations anymore. The fog lights from Rigid Industries fully meet the regulatory standards.The air intake grille is also one of the reasons why we like this car. The unique air intake grille of this TRD Pro model makes people think of the design of the old Toyota. A good car brand always adds some elements of the old model when designing a new car. This is what we admire.The bottom of the front axle is equipped with a TRD custom-made chassis guard. The guard is made of aluminum and has a thickness of 6mm, ensuring strength while minimizing weight.

The red TRD Pro badge on the fender and the rear part indicates that this is a special Tacoma pickup.The interior of the TRD Pro models uses a large amount of leather material, including seats, steering wheels, etc., and the foot pads are also exclusive to the TRD Pro models. However, Toyota only provides a kind of interior color, which may be too conservative for some consumers, but the sporty temperament of black is the original intention of Toyota to develop this high-performance model.The “TRD Pro” stitching on the headrest is also one of the distinguishing features of this car. In addition, the reason why the leather material is standard for this model is not just to improve the configuration, because in the off-road travel, the dirt on the passengers will inevitably be brought into the car, and the advantage of the leather seat is easier than the weaving seat. clean.There is also a TRD logo on the shift lever, and the red detail embellishment also reminds the driver that this is an enhanced Tacoma for off-road performance.All models of the 2017 TRD Pro are equipped with the latest exhaust system. The sound of this exhaust is more powerful and powerful. You don’t need to deliberately improve the “trick” to let the driver feel the charm of TRD Pro.

Thanks to the change of the front bumper and the lifting of the suspension, the TRD Pro has an approach angle of 36 degrees and a departure angle and a pass angle of 24 degrees and 26 degrees respectively. This kind of data gives the driver the confidence to challenge some difficult terrain, and climbing some rocks is not a problem.The height of the car has increased the center of gravity of the new car. In addition, the 2.5-inch Fox shock absorber for off-road training is also softer than the normal version. To compensate for the shortcomings, TRD engineers will defend this car. The diameter of the tilting rod has been increased from 28mm to 30mm, so that the roll and understeer of the body can be better suppressed.The LED daytime running lights increase the visibility, and the high beam also uses LED light sources to increase the illumination distance at night. At the same time, the black light set looks very cool.The rear axle differential lock can really come in handy at a critical moment, so that the driver will not fall into a helpless situation.The increased creeping system of the new model can help the driver in off-road. After driving the system, the driver can also choose different modes according to the road conditions, representing 1 to 5 miles to 5 miles each. Different hours of travel or speed of the hind legs. This system allows the driver to focus more on the direction of control, of course, this system is only available in automatic transmission models.The creep mode we used experienced a 41-degree downhill section, and the creeping system performed very well except for a small mistake in the middle.The black air intake on the hood reminds passersby: “Let’s get off, TRD Pro is here!”Despite the upgraded appearance and improved off-road performance, TRD Pro is still a Tacoma pickup, which can still meet the daily travel of five people, and can accommodate a lot of baggage in the cargo box. The traction capacity of 3000 kg can still be used. Respond to the vast majority of needs.Finally, let’s highlight this 2.5-inch Fox suspension. This suspension is one of the best of TRD Pro and performs well under all kinds of road conditions. Both front and rear shock absorption have multiple damping zones, making them better able to cope with changing road conditions to ensure ride and comfort.In summary, it can be seen that TRD Pro is indeed a well-deserved model. The more upgrades of the 2017 models have made Tacoma have better performance and higher cost performance. In the compact pickup truck type, I am afraid There are very few who are right. If you like pickup, I am afraid I have to ask if you have any reason not to like this TRD Pro?

Do you really know Tacoma? I don’t think so.

Sixty years ago, Toyota first landed in the US market. The pickup truck was born in 1969, and it was the first generation of Hilux. As for our protagonist today, Tacoma (Tacoma) was not officially launched until 1995, and its history is not long. However, it was also the result of decades of precipitation by Hilux.If you want to talk about the history of Tacoma, you must first talk about Hilux. After all, without it, there will be no Tacoma or even a smooth road. Hilux is the pioneer of Toyota pickup. It is the achievement of Toyota pickup today. .The first generation of Toyota Hilux used a short wheelbase design with a 1.9-liter engine and a maximum power of 84 hp. At the time it only offered a rear-drive version and comes standard with a four-speed manual transmission. Other configurations were also the mainstream configuration of the pickup at the time, including the front coil spring double wishbone independent suspension and the rear leaf spring non-independent suspension.The second-generation Hilux offers a longer rear compartment with an engine displacement of 2.0 liters and a power boost of 109 hp, still standard with the same four-speed manual transmission as the previous generation. However, only the three-speed automatic transmission version was introduced in the Japanese market. There is no significant difference between the previous two generations of Hilux. However, the second generation rear compartment has a length of 2.25 meters and can carry more cargo, so it is widely acclaimed in the US market.From this generation, Toyota not only adopted a new design, the engine displacement increased further, but its maximum power did not increase, but only 97 horsepower. In addition, Toyota introduced the highly equipped SR5 version for the first time and added a five-speed manual transmission. In September 1977, Toyota’s first million pickup trucks in the United States went offline, which is a milestone for them. It was also since then that Toyota has established itself in the market for a compact pickup truck.Toyota began to introduce the four-wheel drive pickup truck model in 1979, and the L series diesel engine was also applied for the first time. At first, the diesel engine was only used on the two-wheel drive model, and it was not used in the four-wheel drive model until 1983. In this generation of products, Toyota changed the front overhang to a leaf spring hard bridge design, and the front face has a round headlight on each side. The high-end SR5 version comes standard with a 2.4-liter engine with a maximum power of 97 hp and a peak output torque of 175 Nm.This generation has a new double-row widened cab version. The power also adds a direct-injection 2.4-liter engine with a maximum power of 105 hp. The 2.4-liter naturally aspirated and 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engines have also appeared on this generation for a short time. This is also the last generation of the Toyota pickup truck with a four-speed manual transmission, and the three-speed/four-speed automatic transmission has become the standard. The 4X4 version features a front independent suspension, electric splitter, and an automatic disconnect differential.Toyota finally equipped the 3.0-liter V-6 engine for the sixth-generation pickup truck. It is this excellent engine that made the Xtracab SR5 pickup the title of the best pickup truck of the year in 1989 by Motor Trend magazine, and in the next few years. Zhongyi won a number of honors. In 1991, Toyota pickup began mass production at the HUUMI plant in Fremont, Calif., and it became the future pickup truck production base for Toyota in the United States.Time has come in 1995, and Hilux’s configuration has become increasingly incompatible with American demands for pickups. After all, it’s more of a tool cart. At this time, the American native pickup has begun to transform into family and luxury. Toyota realized that it was impossible to rely on Hilux alone. Tacoma came into being at this time. It can be said that Tacoma is a branch of Hilux.

The first generation of Tacoma has improved comfort, handling, safety, load capacity, body size and .so on for the US market. Toyota also gave it a very grounded name, named Tacoma (the Tacoma Mountains are the highest peak in Washington State, 4392 meters, one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and Tacoma is also the city name of Tacoma Mountain City )Once launched, Tacoma has received wide acclaim, flexible body size, powerful safety configuration, flexible handling, good reliability, and powerful off-road performance, making it a strong place in the pickup truck market in the United States. . Advanced safety configuration, the first generation Tacoma is equipped with daytime running lights, ABS, vehicle stability control, traction control, front side airbags and other configurations.The first-generation Tacoma passenger compartments are available in single row, one row and a half, and two versions in two rows. The cargo box provides two sizes of cargo boxes of 1.65 meters and 1.9 meters. The wheelbase is also matched with three sizes. Species, 2624mm, 2649mm, 3096mm.

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